Nicholas May
Curriculum Vitae
1981 -84 Bath Academy of Art (BA)
1988-90 Goldsmiths College, London (MA)
1990 - U7 Contemporary Art London
John Hansard Gallery Southampton
1991- Frith Street Gallery London
1994 - Victoria Miro Gallery London
Cornerhouse Manchester
South London Gallery
Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery Leeds
1996 - Victoria Miro Gallery London
1989-90 - ICA NewContemporaries, ICA, London
1990 - Countdown (6 Goldsmiths MA Graduates) Chisenhale Gallery London
1991 - Barclay's Young Artist Award, Serpentine Gallery, London
Nicholas May, Nicholas Rule, Paul Winstanley - Paley Wright, London
Artisti Invitati AlPremio Internationale - Milan, Rome, London, USA
1992 - CAS Collections: Recent Purchases, 1989-92 Camden Arts Centre, London
'Process Painting', Fabio Sargentini, Assoc. Culturale L'Attico, Rome
'Bruise: painting for the 90's' - Icon Gallery, B'gham
Whitechapel Open Invitation, Whitechapel Gallery, London
1993 - 'Strictly Painting' (cur. Anthony Wilkinson) Cubitt Street Gallery, London
'Moving into View', (Arts Council Collection) Royal Festival Hall, London
'Sense and Sensuality', (cur. Charles Esche) Kettles Yard, Cambridge
'Visione Britannica', Valentina Moncada, Rome
1994 - British Abstraction - Flowers East, London
1995 - Victoria Miro Gallery, London
'Mutated Paintings' - Gallery Martina Detterer, Frankfurt
'Life Patterns' - Tate Gallery, London
1996 - 'Tracer' - The Tannery, London
Young British Artists (cur. Glen Scott Wright) Roselyn Oxely Gallery, Aus.
'Out of Space' (cur. Emma Sandbach) - Cole and Cole, London
1997 - 'Residue' - Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
1997 - 'Host' - Tramway, Glasgow
1998 - Group Exhibition - Ascan Crone Gallery, Hamburg
1999/2000 - '0044' Group Exhibition (Irish artists working in England) - PS1 NewYork
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Tate Gallery, London
Saatchi Collection, London
Simmons and Simmons, London
Pro-Arte, London
Stuart Lipton, London
Fabio Sargentini, Rome
E &Y, Tokyo
Arts Council of Great Britain, London
Glaxo, London
Contemporary Arts Society, London
Unilever, London
Private Collection, Frankfurt
European Parliament, Belgium
De Beers, London