Christopher Bucklow
Christopher Bucklow and William Blake - I Will Save Your Life

1 July 2004 - 14 August 2004
Event Horizon
Pencil on paper
122 x 122cm
Beginning 1st July, the next exhibition is Christopher Bucklow & William Blake: 'I Will Save Your Life' where Christopher Bucklow brings the dead soul of William Blake back from Hell to show him where he went wrong. Seeing the minds of each individual human as a universe, both artists explore the labyrinth of delusion and self-deception involved in the exploration of its space.

This show is in collaboration with James Putman, curator of the Contemporary Arts and Cultures Programme at the British Museum who will publish Christopher Bucklow’s 'If This Be Not I' book with contributions by the writer Marina Warner and child psychotherapist Adam Phillips. Bucklow’s work will also be on display at the British Museum where a talk will take place on Friday the 16th of July.