Naomi V Jelish curated by John Ivesmail presented by Jamie Shovlin

21 may 2004 - 26 june 2004
The space opens this Spring with an installation of drawings and documentation showcasing the prodigious talent of 12 year old Naomi V. Jelish, focusing on an outstanding drawing skill and a tragically unfulfilled life. Opening May 20th, the exhibition has been organised by the historian John Ivesmail and the artist Jamie Shovlin. The show investigates the way in which content and meaning are filtered and controlled by the curator via its context and presentation to the audience, thereby influencing how the work is received and the long-term historical view of the project. The show is concerned with this process and the blurring and balancing of the roles of artist and curator, institution and viewer. The Riflemaker Naomi V. Jelish project was featured at the Royal College of Art in March.

Riflemaker will publish an artistís book as part of each exhibition. The first of which will include a contribution by Tony Godfrey, the author of Conceptual Art, (Phaidon Press).

The Naomi V. Jelish project has been widely exhibited in the United Kingdom. It has been presented at Bloomberg New Contemporaries, the Royal College of Art , Imperial College, the Cornehouse, Manchester and Milton Keynes Gallery.