The Unseen Art of William S. Burroughs

[!Exhibition 2]
Out of the Closet
Two shotgun blasts. Front: Red and black sprayed acrylic over skeletons stencils.
Reverse: Green and black paint. Signed and titled with pencil in front
On aged plywood (55 x 55 cm)
May 1991
Red, blue & white acrylic sprayed over stencils. Signed in front with pencil. Titled in reverse w pencil and a handwritten note starting: "Her gave birth to an accident..."
Illustration board (76 x 50 cm)
You don't look like a cop to me
Black felt marker figure with hat on white card.
(28.5 X 22.5 ins) 13 gunshots
Mr Friendly
Black felt marker figure with badge on sketchbook page.
(17 X 14 ins) 13 gunshots.